About Me


I am a Chicago based filmmaker with a B.F.A in Film from the University of Illinois at Chicago. I use my knowledge of cinematography, and animation applications to create stylized content. My expertise is in post-production, and I have done editing work on music videos for WholesomeZine LLC, and have edited beauty vlogs for Risana Beauty LLC. My work has been screened in multiple galleries including Mana Contemporary Chicago, and The Great Space in UIC.

My Work

My work is a whimsical re-imagining of our familiar world that focuses on the meaning and consequences of everyday unconscious actions. The ordinary world is defamiliarized into a surreal space for observing the emotions that influence impulsive actions, such as angst, fear, paranoia, anxiety, anger, greed and depression. This drama is undercut with hijinks and ridiculous humor. My intention is for the audience to experience my films the way they would daydreams.

Part of my work is done through instinct, propelled by a series of unconscious decisions, imitating the subject I am depicting. I start with a central premise for a situation, but before planning, I improvise until I get there. Animation requires a long series of choices, and I embrace all of the opportunities that each accidental and hapless moment provides; it’s a way of making art that helps me conceptualize life.  

Using Format