Client Testimonials

Patrick Hogan owner Eyequest Digital

"I highly recommend Andrew for your video file editing. I had a very long and rough bunch of clips from two different cameras (one of them without audio) and a bunch of screenshot images I wanted included with some special graphic requests. He did a great job of combining everything seamlessly and professionally with very smooth transitions that make the video flow. He also created a great graphic from my logo that I wasn't expecting."  

"I always wonder if it is better to hire Upwork freelancers from the U.S. because they are generally more expensive. But for a video, I figured having someone here that is famiilar with the culture and intricacies of the language would help. I was correct. I know vidoes are much better if they can be shorter as long as they still convey the main points. Andrew cut my video where I wasn't expecting, and I think it is much better because of it. As a third party with a fresh perspective, he was able to pick out and include only the most salient portions of the footage."

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